Rethink assumptions. Navigate the future.

The opportunity

Our network of future-thinkers helps organizations to better navigate the uncertainty ahead. We start by challenging ingrained assumptions that can obscure key issues and opportunities.

There is an emerging consensus that we are entering a transformational period that will be defined by increased volatility and unfamiliar challenges.

Most organizations are good at solving problems they have already faced, but are less effective at navigating those they have not yet encountered.

Inability to respond to non-linear change can significantly damage or sink an organization.

Questioning the assumptions and gut instincts that were learned from yesterday’s experiences is fundamental for navigating tomorrow's operating environment.

How we help

We supercharge your organization's ability to track and respond to volatility.

Sharpen your planning

Our environmental scans help planners tailor their strategies to the realities of a changing world.

Deepen your insights

Our in-depth research provides decision makers with intelligence on emerging forces and technologies.

Train your leaders

Our foresight training workshops help leaders develop a more forward-looking perspective.

How we do it

We use human computation to find and coordinate the right team, from amongst hundreds of verified experts, to deliver customized insights that separate reality from the hype.

Similar to the conductor of a world-class symphony, Rethinkery integrates the insights from our expert network into a bigger picture - unlocking innovation by rigorously challenging ingrained legacy assumptions. Rethinkery makes sense out of emerging trends and discontinuities, and sharpens the organizational innovation necessary to effectively respond.

What our clients say

Why we exist

Rethinkery is a strategic hub for organizations working to navigate disruptive change.

The automation of work. The sustainability crisis. The rise of a digital coordination economy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To many leaders, it has become clear that our organizations are entering a period of great uncertainty. Yet, the approaches we continue to rely on are inadequate when the territory is unfamiliar. As the saying goes, generals are always fighting the last war.

Worse, there is little solid analysis of these new territories and their implications. What does exist reflects the perspective of only a few, and tends to favor hype over rigorous investigation.

After more than fifteen years exploring emerging issues and technologies for dozens of large companies and government agencies, I realized what they really need is a tool to systematically stress-test and reveal their no-longer-useful assumptions.

Rethinkery was founded to address this gap. Our Network Intelligence Platform leverages human computation to tap into the perspectives of hundreds of verified experts. We challenge what organizations think they know about the unfamiliar territory ahead.

Devin Fidler

CEO, Rethinkery


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