Track and Respond to Rapid Change

Rethinkery Foresight's scanning systems allow your team to better manage risk and discover new opportunities in dynamically changing times.

The Technology Disruptions Project

In times of dynamic change, context is key. Subscribe for exclusive access to our foresight experts and newest research and analysis. 2021 Focus areas include:

  • Spotlight on new approaches to AI and workflow automation in the enterprise that are transforming how we will do business both now and in the future.
  • Ongoing analyses of 50+ additional critical technologies with the potential to scale and disrupt your industry and business in the near- and medium-term.
  • Series of deep dives into evolving trend areas with key strategic implications, e.g., the ongoing technologically-driven evolution in key fields such as communications.

Also get a custom half-day virtual highlights workshop for your team, focusing on program findings and implications for your organization.

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Strategic Radar Scans

Our emerging-issue "radar scans" synthesize the insights of over 100 experts from around the globe into sharable outputs designed to spark strategic discussion and insight within your organization

Radar Scan Packages

Our three most popular packages to address your custom strategic foresight and open innovation questions. All outputs are custom, with multiple delivery formats available to meet any need: large-format maps, easily-sharable slide decks, written reports, and/or team briefings and workshops.

Landscape Scan - An initial dive into a key strategic topic or question. A small group of researchers delve into a topic and bring back a deck of evocative examples covering the big trends in the area. This is best for when you need the "lay of the land" around a new area. Typically delivered within one month.

External Radar Sweep - The full Rethinkery Foresight process. A diverse team of more than a dozen researchers and experts frame key questions in the area and do a deep dive for signals in their areas of expertise. Specialized curators then distill these examples into key themes, analyses and risk areas. This is best for when you want to go deeper into changes, potential opportunities and threats in an already-familiar area. Typically delivered in ten weeks, with the option to expedite.

Depth Probe - An even deeper exploration, incorporating your internal team.
This deep, multi-stage process augments our full radar sweep by including internal and external expert interviews, and even deeper expert analyses of more specific and complex questions. This project type generally involves 20+ researchers and 10-15 expert interviews, both within and outside your organization. This is best for deep or specialized questions, and/or as part of a larger internal strategy or innovation initiative. Typically delivered in 12-16 weeks, with the option to expedite.

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Workshops, Training, and Speaking

Our expert foresight trainers, speakers, and facilitators can help your organization integrate forward-thinking and foresight practices.

Foresight Training

In this dynamically changing environment, leaders need to be equipped to think effectively about what's next. Our tailored trainings are designed to spark insight and catalyze new ways of thinking that can be readily applied within the context of day-to-day operations.

Innovation Workshops

Catalyzing change within an organization is a team sport. We work with groups to rethink assumptions and discover actionable opportunities for your organizaiton.


Our expert foresight speakers have hosted events of all sizes focused on sparking new insights and changing the way audiences think about their own businesses and industries.

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